Save Money with Medical Repricing

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The average American now spends more money on medical expenses than on their house or car.  We can reduce your medical costs and save you thousands of dollars in premiums.  There are three areas, which if done right can result in big savings. 

The first is medical repricing .  Medical repricing works in conjunction with a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). When you have a PPO plan you save money on most all medical expenses by using an in-network provider. From doctor office visits and procedures to major surgeries with long hospital stays, the average savings is 40-60% percent. Many people don't realize that a discount is applied to even a doctor office visit. The average American is use to having a doctor office copay on their insurance plan. However, to have a copay on your plan raises the premium on average about 30% and only saves you about $20 on average at the doctor. The solutions is to pay the discounted rate at the doctor and save money in your monthly premium. The applied knowledge of this truth will save you money!

The second component is High Deductible Major Medical coverage.  Lower your insurance cost by taking a high deductible! Let the insurance company handle the big stuff and you handle the small stuff. With new federal laws, preventative care is covered at no cost to you when using a network provider.

The third component is a supplemental coverage. 82% of all medical expenses are due to an accident or critical illness. If you purchase a supplemental plan, you cover your out of pocket exposure and reduce your out-of-pocket to $0. This means that for most anything that would ever happen to you is ZERO out-of-pocket to you!

Welcome to saving money!

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How the Plan Works

  1. Medical Repricing in conjunction with a PPO Network. Saves you 40-60% on claims in network.
  2. Choose a High Deductible Major Medical plan and lower your monthly cost for insurance.
  3. Add supplemental coverage for accident and critical illness and you eliminate your deductible exposure for 82% of everything that could ever happen to you. In other words...You would pay $0 (zero dollars).


We offer the top name brand health insurance companies with the most competitive rates in America today! Let us run a quote for you to compare plans and select the best plan that fits your needs!

We offer the top name brand supplemental plans with the most competitive rates and benefits in America today! Let us run a quote for you to compare plans and select the best plan that fits your needs!